1.  The Bible clearly makes parents ultimately responsible to “bring up a child in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” Therefore, we seek  to teach and dis­cipline in a manner consistent with the Bible and a godly home environment, while not usurping the parents’ role in child  rearing. (Ephesians 6:4)

  2.  God’s character and attributes are revealed not only in His Word but also in every facet of His creation. We help students discover how math  and science integrate in ways that show how this is true. (Romans 1:20)

  3.  Since God wants us to love him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, we challenge students to be open to how God reveals Himself in  His creation and to pursue knowledge of Him with a strong desire to learn. (Matthew 22:37)

  4.  All students have varying learning styles that God has ordained and designed in them. Therefore, we will teach in ways to create multiple  learning opportunities. (John 15:16)

  5.  We believe all students have the ability to learn. (Proverbs 1:2-7)

  6.  Students should work to their best ability and should be praised for doing so, rather than being compared to the achievement of others. It is our desire that the same is true in your relationship with your child and his/her learning.

  7.  We believe students should understand the different ways to learn and to respect the fact that since others may learn differently, they must  participate joyfully in all ways of learning during class time.

  8.  Instructional time should give opportunity for students to experience innovative ideas within their varying learning styles.

  9.  Staff should view students as the Lord does, with a special heart for the young and their simplicity of faith and innocence. Therefore, we  strive to accurately teach them the Word of God and how to apply it to their daily lives. (Mark 10:13-16)