Enrollment fees ($250/per student) are due at the signing of the enrollment contract and are non-refundable unless FCS is unable to provide class space or offerings for your child. 

The application fee of $25 is non-refundable and due with the completed application, unless the student cannot be accommodated at FCS. 

The first tuition payment is due by August 1st.  

In the event of a full class, your child may be placed on the school’s waiting list even though all other admission requirements have been fulfilled. You will be notified in writing of your numbered position on this list. You may withdraw from the waiting list at any time.

Tuition is due in 10 equal payments on or before the 1st day of each month, August 1st, through May 1st. Options to pay in full, in two equal payments, or in four equal payments are also available. Please note the conditions for late payment as presented in the enrollment contract. Please be sure to follow your payment agreement carefully. The successful operation of the school makes it important for families to fulfill their financial obligations in a timely manner. 

Tuition Schedule for the 2018-2019 Year

Tuition schedule does not include application, enrollment or any other fees. Please inquire if scholarships are available if you would be in need. 

4K ( full 3 days, 5 half days)        $1500

4K (5 full days) - FIFTH GRADE (traditional school)        $3000

SIXTH GRADE – TWELFTH GRADE (virtual & traditional school)    $3000

Important note:  Accepted enrollment with a signed contract is a legally binding contract by you to pay the full tuition amount so FCS can keep its staff compensation commitments. Withdrawal from FCS or expulsion from FCS does not remove or change the obligation to pay the full tuition amount.  Records will not be released for accounts not paid in full.

Payment Options:

_____  ONE PAYMENT                          DUE 8/1/18

_____ TWO PAYMENTS                        DUE 8/1/18 AND 12/1/18

_____ FOUR PAYMENTS                      DUE 8/1/18, 11/1/18, 2/1/19, 5/1/19

_____ TEN PAYMENTS                         DUE ON THE 1ST OF EVERY MONTH FROM 8/1/18 TO 5/1/19

IMPORTANT NOTE: Payments not received by the 5th of the month will be charged a $25 late pay­ment fee. Parents are responsible for contacting the school if special arrangements must be made. No contact will be considered failure to pay. Payments and/or their late fees not received by the end of the month due will be considered delinquent. Two delinquent payments in a school year or any delinquent payments or fees 60 days past due could result in your child’s dismissal from the school. Grades and school records will be withheld on all delinquent accounts, whether for tuition or fees.