Welcome to Waupaca’s new, Christ-centered, Bible-based, Christian discipleship school serving area families!  Our God-given purpose is to help families raise up children to be disciples of Jesus Christ, teaching students to live a life of dependence on God in obedience to His Word.    

Indeed, this has been the founding theme of Faith Christian School (FCS):  following God’s leading by responding to the heart’s desire of local families.  Relationally, we consider ourselves partners with parents, churches, and our community in the task and opportunity of making Christian disciples of the next generation.  Committed to a Biblical worldview, the gospel, loving children, and helping them find their full purpose and destiny in Christ, FCS strives to instill a growing love of God. This is accomplished through developing a strong Christian worldview, modeling Christian-like character, using a biblically-integrated curriculum, teaching to varied learning types, fostering a teachable heart that loves learning, and discovering God’s creation and order.

Academically, we present a rigorous classical Christian education that is independent from and free of Common Core content and agendas.  In addition, our heart for discipleship has led us to group students in small classes, thereby maximizing students’ opportunities for academic and spiritual growth, fostering discipleship in these critical years of formation. To promote academic success and growth, we administer placement exams to determine a student’s instructional level and place them accordingly. We celebrate a student’s achievements and provide support to help them grow, whether that means supported acceleration to bring them up to grade level or opportunities for above grade level placement in specific areas of strength. 

To foster this at the high school level, the Lord has provided a blessed partnership with a high-quality, live and interactive virtual Christian academy, called FreedomProject Academy, allowing us to offer grades 7 through 12 with a wide variety of class choices, including foreign language, advanced placement courses and more. At the same time, our on-campus teachers support the middle and high school students through academic support and organizational management. In addition, all students participate in chapel, Biblical studies, physical education and the arts classes with their peers on campus. 

In the 4K-5th grade program, students are also placed according to their abilities and are able to advance according to their instructional level. Ultimately, the goal is to provide an instructional plan that meets each student’s needs. We are committed to small class sizes. Therefore, we organize our schedule so that students can be in different reading, math, science and social studies levels, while still participating in other courses with their peers. 

We welcome you to join the Faith Christian School family as we embark on a Christ-centered educational journey toward a future of leaving a legacy of walking with Christ! We look forward to walking with you, glorifying God all along the way!


Jaime Jackson, Principal